Real Life Nightmare

Friday afternoon was by far the most traumatic day of my life. I returned home around two in the afternoon to discover my little Maltese, Maddox, was no where to be found. I ran in every room, pulled out his favorite treats, double checked all of his favorite go-to hiding places, to no prevail. It was the scariest few minutes of my life. So many thoughts ran through my head. I couldn't understand what could have happened. Did someone steal him? Did he get out? I ran into the hall and saw what I couldn't believe I had missed upon entering... There was blood everywhere. 

Before I could even comprehend the horror that was in front of me, I heard screaming and crying pouring from the apartment across from us. I instantly knew something had happened. The next chain of events were surreal and quick. Without a hint of remorse the neighbor explained that her three pitbulls, which aren't allowed to be in the building and weren't leashed, had broke into our apartment and dragged Maddox into the hall and now he was missing. 

My heart was pounding. I couldn't hold back the tears. All of a sudden my neighbors friend rounded the corner with Maddox in her arms, wrapped in a jacket and bleeding profusely. He wasn't moving. I ran down the hall and instantly grabbed him. There wasn't time for questions. Nothing mattered except getting him to a hospital. I ran to the elevator, which thankfully went straight to the garage without stopping. 

I jumped in my car, put Maddox in the passenger seat, put the Animal Hospital into the GPS and instantly called Justin. I was a mess. He was thirty minutes away and I was too much of a disaster to fill him in. Blood, Maddox, and hurry, were basically all I could get out before Maddox started shutting his eyes. I had to hang up and keep him awake. I called the VCA and told them as clearly as I could through the tears that I was bringing my dog and there wasn't much time left, so to please be ready. I quickly hung up and called Justin to give him the address. 

Within minutes I was outside the VCA door. I darted inside, leaving my car looking like a crime scene. I was covered in blood and shaking. Everyone at the hospital instantly went to work. A few minutes later, Justin arrived. Together we waited. Maddox's wounds were horrible. He had bites all over his body, which resulted in over 100 stitches, the worst being his neck. Thankfully the women at the hospital were beyond helpful and incredibly nice. 

They rushed him into surgery. Afterwards things started to look up and I'm glad to say he's going to be ok. Right now he looks like a mummy. Every inch is wrapped, but some how, my little puppy was able to fight off three pitbulls and survive. If that's not a miracle I don't know what is. When we were able to digest everything, the neighbors who were also living there without the office knowing, had fled with their dogs. No name was on record. No number. Nothing, but a hallway stained with blood and medical bills that topped off at $11,000. 

What's important now is that I realize how beyond lucky and blessed I am that my little fighter made it out of this nightmare alive. Living through your worst fear, is your worst fears worst fear.  Please keep Maddox in your prayers and I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Thanks for all the support. 

UPDATE: Its been a few months now and Maddox is better than ever. Thank you so much for all your amazing support. He has a few scars that you can see when you part his hair, but other than that, my little guy is officially a super hero. :)