Do You Sleep Naked?

I'll admit, when I was approached to participate in Swisspers Sleep Naked Campaign I was a little taken aback. Sleep, what? As a passionate and committed connoisseur of silk PJ's, I naturally felt completely unqualified... and obviously overdressed. It wasn't until I learned the true meaning of the campaign, that I realized it was actually promoting something I've always been extremely passionate about... nightly make up removal. I may not be an expert at putting on my makeup, but I've always been an advocate for taking it off. As someone who has been riddled with bad skin for a large majority of my life, (thank you stress) I've finally gotten control of my skin and have become very passionate about taking care of it. Removing your makeup before climbing into bed will not only reduce future breakouts, but slow down that nasty aging process I'm suddenly becoming more terrified of. What is your stance on sleeping naked? (Side note: Sadly I have zero connection to the utterly fabulous vanities displayed above... Just pictures of my future dream house via Pinterest)

Removing your makeup every night will...
  • Reduce the size of your pores.
  • Prevent skin inflammation that's associated with signs of aging.
  • Keep the chemicals in your makeup from soaking into your pores.
  • Allow the natural shedding process to begin, keeping your skin from looking dull.
  • Prevent the skin of your eyelids from drying out.  

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