Macaron Madness

 When I moved to LA I started hearing the buzz about a delicious little treat called macarons. Even my fiance had his share of macarons at various events and gushed about how amazing they were. Feeling seriously jealous and dying to try this highly praised sweet treat I begged my fiance to take me somewhere to try them. He found this totally cute shop in Beverly Hills called Lette. I was instantly surrounded by super colorful sweets every where I turned. After choosing some scrumptious flavors we grabbed a seat outside for my first disappointment! These light and airy semi-sweet treats were perfectly incredible. If you haven't tried them, I suggest tracking a shop down immediately. Later in the day we stopped off for coffee and of course I had to raid my favorite Beverly Blvd. magazine stand. Below are some pictures of my relaxing weekend. If you wanna try some  delicious macarons stop by the Lette website and order some straight to your house. They also make for super cute gifts. Who wants flowers when you could have something this delicious instead? 

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