Giuliana & Bill - Season 4

I think my love for Giuliana and Bill has gone from fan to seriously obsessed! Not only have I seen every episode of Giuliana and Bill on Style and watch Giuliana on E! and Fashion Police religiously but now I'm also reading their book, "I Do, Now What?" And it's beyond amazing, I literally don't want it to end. Justin and I have been taking turns reading it to each other, don't laugh, it's super sweet, and insanely hilarious. We keep score to see who messes up a word, fumbles a sentence, or just starts reading too slow. It's fun... for like half an hour. :) So when I heard today that season 4 of Giuliana and Bill starts Monday, you can imagine my excitement. I cannot wait to get my weekly dose. This season follows their "year of fun," which consist of Bill moving to LA, SHOCKER, to live with Giuliana while they work on opening an Italian restaurant. Sounds fabulous! Set your DVR's ladies because season 4 starts Monday, July 18th. Check out the sneak peak below.

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