Fash Fail - Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne stepped out on Wednesday in London looking a bit less than fashionable. Granted, it could have been a lot worse, I mean anythings better than this, but this goth androgyny look is just not working for her. If anything, this outfit only highlights the main reason I'm opposed to flats. Kelly paired her overly tight black skinnies with a white shirt and denim vest. I love cute vest and denim will always be a must, but the two should probably veer away from the baby making department. There is a reason some things go out of style. The former MTV reality star sported two of my very worst pet peeves. Over sized designer logos and wearing large earrings with your hair up. Unfortunately her earrings are my biggest issue with this ensemble. I remember running into Kelly at Fred Segal a few years back lunching with Shane West. Her style has transitioned immensely, but Kelly should know that we all hold her to a higher standard now that she's a co-host of Fashion Police and this was a major Fash Fail. What do you think of Kelly's ensemble? 

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