Fash Fave - Chrissy Teigen


This week Fash Fave couldn't have been an easier choice. Chrissy Teigen rarely, if ever, looks less than perfect and this week while in Miami for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was no exception. Honestly, I could hardly decide which of Chrissy's outfits to choose from the trip. She looked seriously stunning all week. But Chrissy wasn't just in attendance to look beautiful,  she also debuted her incredibly amazing swimwear collection, which she collaborated on with diNeila Brazil during the IMG show. I absolutely love Chrissy's grey skirt and sheer white top, which she appropriately paired with a bikini top and tan belt. And obviously her earrings and pumps are beyond major. Chrissy has been super sweet to Fash Boulevard and an amazing supporter since the launch in March and I'm so glad to have her back at the top of the Fash spotlight, where she so clearly deserves to be. Below are pictures of Chrissy showing off her new swimwear collection. Are you loving Chrissy's summer chic look?

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  1. She's beautiful!! I love the outfit she's wearing and the swimsuits look great... a girl can never have enough bikinis :)

  2. Love her outfit! She is gorgeous!


  3. Just read your wonderful post about Maddox. Have fun in Florida. I like her summer collection. Something for every body.

  4. i nominated you for a blog award!
    check it out: http://sarahbeyea.blogspot.com/2011/07/one-lovely-blog.html


  5. she looks so chic and beautiful! I agree

    xo Julia

  6. She looks gorgeous! P.S. I am so happy for your dog!

  7. i loved all these suits from fashion week . did you see the cover-ups so cool.


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