Fabulous Friday - Maddox Update

I cannot express how thankful I am for all of the sweet comments, messages and e-mails I've received from my amazing followers over the last two weeks. Maddox and I really appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes more than you can imagine! Wednesday I took Maddox to the VCA Animal Hospital to get his stitches removed. He had over one hundred... Crazy. You'd have thought a celebrity strolled in when everyone spotted Maddox. All the doctors and employees stopped what they were doing to see how he was. They just couldn't believe how much better he was doing. To show how thankful I was to the insanely wonderful staff of VCA, I brought them some delicious cupcakes from Yummy cupcakes in Burbank as a small token of my appreciation for saving my baby. It's crazy what two weeks can do, how things can shift from horrible to great so rapidly.  Next week we will be off to Florida to meet up with Justin and all of our friends for a seriously fabulous engagement party. The theme... Mad Hatter. I can't wait to share all of the details and pictures from the party with you guys. I'm beyond excited for all of the wedding event fabulousness to begin. Happy Friday! xoxo

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