L'Wren Scott's Lula Bags

You may remember me profiling the fabulous L'Wren Scott a while back during my break down of the top 25 celebrity stylist list. For those of you who aren't familiar with the incredibly multi talented stylist, you should know she's one of the hardest working fashion mavens in town. When she isn't styling Hollywood's best, L'Wren manages to refocus her fashion genius into designing her very own line. (Oprah wore a L'Wren Scott dress on her series finale) Last season she introduced us to her mini pochette bags and now she is bringing us "Lula" her first full sized handbag. L'Wren shared with Style.com, "I didn't really base it around anything other than my mom's handbag that she always carried. She had this very structured bag that you always heard open and close when she was coming or going. That was a specific feeling for me." L'Wren's fabulous bags are available exclusively at Barneys, but before you toss on your stilettos to rush out and pick up the Lula bag you should know they retail from $2,300 to $20,500. Of course the large croc bag that L'Wren is carrying above is the one coming in at the extremely high $20,500 price. Below are pictures of L'Wren's Lula bags. Are you loving this design?

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