A Day In Laguna Beach

Recently I took a little weekend vacation with my fiance to one of my favorite places in Cali, Laguna Beach. I absolutely love all of the little charming shops that line the streets and ocean. From amazing boutiques, to a seriously irresistible candy store, when it comes to day trips, Laguna is my ultra fave. Growing up on the East Coast, I remember lusting over the dreamy bubble that was Laguna Beach. Lauren Conrad and Co. introduced us to this breathtaking spot through their hit MTV reality show and the second I became a Cali resident I made sure to visit this precious getaway as much as possible. Driving through Laguna is beyond breathtaking. The incredible mountains, cliffs and ocean views are something us East coasters are not accustom to. While driving down the PCH you can't resist gushing over Lauren Conrad's giant house that you may remember her parents building while filming Laguna Beach. (Pictured below)

 After a delicious lunch and stroll along the ocean, the day took a painful turn. Moments after leaving one of the adorable shops I took a seriously epic fall while walking across the brick streets of Laguna. Now keep in mind, the streets were packed and Justin and I were at the very front of the cross walk, anxiously waiting to cross. Somewhere in the middle of the street, I went down. Knees on the pavement. Hands in the gravel. And an entire crowd of people behind me. It wouldn't have been quite as embarrassing if the elderly lady next to me hadn't screamed at the top of her 60 plus lungs as I went down. I'm sure I scared her but she seriously drew unneeded attention to my extremely painful and possibly therapy needing fall.  Skint knees are not an accessory you'll be seeing in Vogue any time soon. Needless to say I have since retired the heels in question that just so happen to have rounded bottoms which only helped propel my fall. Overall the weekend was incredibly fun and filled with laughable memories, which is why I had to share some of the pictures with you while I continue icing my ankle!

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