Go-To Fash - Anna Wintour

America may not have a royal family, but when it comes to the fashion kingdom, we certainly have a queen. Insert "ice" if you will, but there is no denying, the fabulous Anna Wintour is a fashion icon and gatekeeper that everyone in the design world has to respect. The British born visionary has been working at Vogue as the editor-in-chief since 1988 and is the very reason that Vogue is one of the top fashion reads in the industry. "Vogue is the best of everything that fashion has to offer," Anna shared with 60 Minutes. When it comes to style, even this fashion queen has a go-to fash... All things animal. Whether it be a dress or a trench coat, Anna undoubtedly loves her furs, skins and prints. One thing you never wanna do is piss off PETA but I guess when you're the editor-in-chief of Vogue you have better things to do than worry about people with cans of red paint ourside your office.  PETA protestors have made signs calling Anna the "Fur Witch" and even started a campaign against her saying "Only beautiful animals and ugly people wear fur." Though it may have been enough to stop many, Anna still has no problem prancing out of her office in her mink coat, snake skin trench and fur stole. Anna recently shared with 60 minutes how she'll never give up fur. “I don’t like to travel with security, but it got to the point when I was having pies and rice and fake blood and all sorts of things thrown at me," she says. "And it just became easier to use the security. I mean, was I going to not have security and not wear fur? No way." Below are some of Anna's best animal looks. Are you loving her go-to fash?



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