Fash Fail - Mischa Barton


I want so badly to root for Mischa Barton. Everyone in Hollywood loves a comeback, but when this is what you're allowing yourself to leave the house in, it's clear a comeback is the last thing on your mind. On Wednesday Mischa some how thought it'd be a good idea to step out wearing leggings, layered tank tops and a colorful "thrift store" blazer. Nothing about this is flattering. And what the heck is on her feet? Is she wearing water shoes? I mean, really? I'm sure they're some type of fancy hybrid running shoe, but none the less she shouldn't be wearing them while on a shopping spree with friends. I know she's desperately trying to resurrect her acting career, but I really don't think this ensemble is going to be attracting top producers and directors. Mischa next time pair your blazer with some boot cut jeans and a heel. Also do your friends a favor and ditch the heart shaped sunglasses. What are you thinking of Mischa's ensemble?