TV Fash - Pretty Little Liars

If you watch ABC Family’s hit show "Pretty Little Liars" then you’ve probably seen some of the incredibly stylish outfits that the girls rock on a weekly basis. Each character's unique fashion shines brighter than even the most clever pop culture infused dialog. I'd argue to say the show's fashion is the true star. Ever wonder who's behind these amazing creations? Cue Laura Schuffman and Saba Salehi, the insanely talented fashion duo. Laura attended the University of Missouri and has been pursuing a career in the fashion industry ever since. She worked for two years at CAA, one of the top talent agencies in the country. These days she not only styles the beautiful girls on PLL but she is also the style editor for Los Angeles Wedding Magazine and Orange Coast Wedding Magazine. Talk about an impressive resume. University of California graduate, Saba grew up in Los Angeles and has built quite a following and client list within the styling world. Saba is the fashion editor for Beverly Hills Magazine, Los Angeles Wedding Magazine and Orange Coast Weddings Magazine.

This amazing pair of fashion guru's recently shared a styling tip with about how to wear 70’s inspired fashion. “70s inspired clothing is back with a vengeance.” They revealed that when rocking maxi dresses, flared pants, tunics or white trouser suits, one should not wear vintage jewelry. They suggest always adding a modern pop to your vintage looks. Not only does this dream team style the ABC Family hit but they have also worked with Sophia Bush, Girls Aloud, Christina Milian, Eminem, and even Christina Aguilera. I can't imagine how much scrolling it takes to get through their blackberry's to-do list. Not to mention styling four of the most fashion forward teenagers on television today. As if the show wasn't good enough, it’s the fashion that keeps me tuning in week after week. Each girl's style is one of a kind, feeding into the viewers desire to have a little bit of everything. Laura and Saba deserve major credit for the high ratings. I know why I'm watching. Below are some of my favorite looks from the series. Which are you loving?

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