Nicole Richie's Newest Accessory

Style icon Nicole Richie has gone through quite the eveloution of fashion accessories. Back in the "simple life" days Nicole's go-to arm candy was her puppies. Then she traded her furry friends in for Birkins and now it seems her latest obsession is green juice. The House of Harlow designer has been seen all over the hills of Hollywood rocking the mysterious bottle. Turns out, Nicole's latest addiction is from LA's newest health juice bar, the Pressed Juicery. The juicery is part owned by the style guru's good friend Hayden Slater. Nicole recently tweeted, "Day 3 and my LAST day of the @PressedJuicery clense and I'm feeling better than ever." Nicole isn't the only celebrity tweeting about the juice bar. Tori Spelling, Stephanie Pratt, Whitney Port, and Rob Kardashian are just a few of the celebrities talking about their love for the Pressed Juicery. I guess this is the secret keeping the fashionable mommy of two looking ridiculously amazing. Nicole prefers the Greens 1 which is made up of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, and celery. Richie also completed the six step daily detox plan which is helping keep all of LA's hottest celebrities in shape. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to hit up the juice bar. Below are some pictures of Nicole hawking her green bottle of love all over tinsel town. Are you dying to visit the Pressed Juicery?

Something Extra: Check out Nicole Richie doing a dance routine/workout with her trainer Tracy Anderson. This seriously looks like fun, I need to start attending these classes!