Fash Read - Jessica's Billion Dollar Empire

While little girls across America were dancing around their rooms to "Oops I did it again," I was singing to songs by the vocally blessed Jessica Simpson. Newlyweds only fueled my love for Jessica and helped everyone around me understand my obsession. These days, people seem to have quite a different opinion on the former Reality Star. Despite what you may think, there's no denying the impressive fact that her fashion empire is estimate to reach a billion dollars
 by the end of the year. According to the new WWD magazine article the "boots are made for walking" singer has 22 licensing agreements signed including cosmetics, fine jewelry, home décor and even men’s wear. I'm gonna take a guess and say her ex Nick won't be rocking any of those looks. 

During Newlyweds, Jessica rocked some of her cutest style to date and that's because the #1 stylist to the stars and reality TV personality, Rachel Zoe was actually the one pulling the clothes. Maybe Rachel fueled Jessica's love for fashion… we can only imagine! “I didn’t know I was going to be able to take on the fashion world, 
but when I was given the opportunity to start a line of shoes, I jumped right on board,” Jessica shared with WWD. Vince Camuto is the genius behind Simpson's shoe collection, which was the jumping off point to Jessica’s retail domination. I have multiple pairs, which I completely adore. Not only are they super cute, but they're completely 
affordable. I recommend every girl purchasing a few J-Simps and maybe a handbag or two.

Jessica’s mom (Pictured Right) and fashion partner revealed, “We have to think broad. We have a large demographic.” Tina attends all of the approval meetings for Jessica's brands and helps her daughter approve the massive piles of sketches and samples. In the WWD article they both emphasized how crucial it is for them to have final approval on every item. Tina shared, “We see it at the beginning design stage. We’ll give our inspiration and our color palette. And then, mid-design, they bring to us what they’re working on, and then we have final approval.”
Recently Tina and Jessica revealed they were talking about the idea of opening free standing Jessica Simpson stores in malls nationwide. Their hope is to have the stores carry all of the different categories of the Jessica Simpson brand in one fabulously convenient location. Sounds like another gold mine. Don’t let people bring you down J. At the end of the day you're the one coming out as a winner… after all, you have a billion dollar empire to prove it.

Read the rest of the amazing Jessica Simpson WWD article at www.wwd.com. Below is a look into the Jessica Simpson handbag showroom, in NYC. And I also pulled some of my favorite Jessica Simpson ad campaigns. Do you own any Jessica Simpson pieces?

Jessica Simpson Handbag Showroom:

 Jessica Simpson Ad Campaigns:

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