The Must Have Bag: Hermes Birkin Bags

These days the fabulous streets of Beverly Hills are filled with style mavens carrying the highly in demand Hermes bags, which you may have noticed popping up in nearly every celebrity’s hands. The most popular must-have style is of course the Birkin. It's a total status symbol for the stylish upper elite and thus completely and totally faint worthy. As if we needed another reason to aspire to be them, celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham have Birkin Bags in several different colors. The bags, which range from $5,300 to as high as $50,000, are pretty much on every fash lovers wish list, so start saving ladies. Hermes even has a Purse "spa" in Paris, where for a few hundred dollars you can simply send your bag to be treated and reconditioned. Can you imagine? I personally love the new Hermes Garden Bag, which can be yours for just $1,700. Click the link to check out more of their artful creations. For those of us non celebs, I've pulled some similar styles that come with a much more affordable price tag and easier accessibility. Click the links below the bags to get the look. Xo

Hermes Garden Bag-$1,700