Fabulous Friday: Nicole Richie in a box

In honor of Fabulous Friday I am sharing one of my favorite photo shoots with you. I have had these pictures on my computer for years. They are artful and fashionable! I am just beyond obsessed with little Nicole Richie in a box! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

"I really believe you can't make a mistake with vintage.
It's all in how you wear it."-Nicole Richie

"I like to be comfortable. Luckily for me,
I'm completely comfortable in six-inch heels."-Nicole Richie

"I don't wear dainty jewelry. I like to be a little over the top."-Nicole Richie

"I'm not insecure, but I'm not like, Hi, I'm confident."-Nicole Richie

"True friends are like diamonds - bright, beautiful, valuable,
and always in style."-Nicole Richie


  1. AMAZING. How long ago was this? I feel like she looks so much better here. You should post pictures from her Elle 09 spread. I have it as my backdrop.

  2. great photoshoot. what mag was it for?

  3. I'm now obsessed w/this too, Anna!!! She's amazing! She totally captures the spirit of "Twiggy" in these! <3 Loves~

  4. Amazing theme it's cardboard boxes never would have came up wit dat!:)