Chatting with Julia Engel

This week on, I'm chatting with the always lovely Julia Engel. From her girly style to her oh-so-Pinterest-worthy travel photos, Julia has earned her spot at the top of the blogger pyramid with her insanely successful blog, Gal Meets Glam. Today, she opens up about common blogger misconceptions, her tips for healthy living, and her favorite celebrity doppelgänger story. Below is a little snippet from our chat: 

It’s no secret that you share an uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson. Do you have any funny stories of mistaken identity?

It happens ALL the time! Honestly at least a few times a week and it’s happened all over the world. I get people shouting out “Emma, Emma!” on the streets, people asking for my autograph and even had paparazzi follow me across town in NYC once. I find it absolutely hilarious! I think the funniest story was when a girl came up to me on the tube in London and asked for my autograph, thinking I was Emma. When I told her I wasn’t, she thought I was lying and trying to play it cool. She wouldn’t leave my side for about five awkward minutes, during which I tried to explain to her that my name was Julia and I was from California. English was not her primary language so maybe she couldn’t tell the difference in accent. Everyone around us (except the confused Emma fan) was giggling at the mix-up.

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