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I always enjoy returning to my old college town, but last weekend was extra special. Like myself and my mother before me, my little sissy officially became an Auburn graduate. Auburn alum and Twitter Vice President of Data Strategy Chris Moody returned to his old stumping grounds to give a moving speech during the ceremony that got my hubby and I both a little teary eyed. The full blown cry-fest was of course reserved until it became time for a certain red head to cross the stage. Watch out world! 

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Last week on I brought you another edition of my Ladies Who Laptop interview series. This month I’m chatting with the prolific pair behind the hugely popular digital destination, Who What Wear. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power have revolutionized the digital space with their celebrated online magazine. A venture that has led to three books, a Target clothing line, and endless accolades since launching their editorial site 10 years ago. This past week these amazing lady bosses opened up to me about their career highs, secrets to staying fit and fabulous, and their brand new book, The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career -- I'm telling you guys, this book is a MUST read! Click here to read the full interview. 

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I hope you all have an amazing Monday!