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Can we just take a second to reflect on last night's Grease Live! First off, I must say, I have never been more excited for a TV event ever... I've been counting down the days ever since I got word that Paramount was approaching networks over a year ago. As you can imagine, I had wild expectations that I naturally never thought would be met. Boy was I wrong. I can't say enough good things about last night's visually impressive and all around phenomenal TV triumph. The acting, the singing, the BLOCKING (how flawless and smooth were those transitions?) all the way down to the casting, which was a dream. Julianne and Aaron obviously knocked it out of the park, but I have to give it to Vanessa Hudgens. The sass, the attitude, she didn't drop character once. For those of you who didn't catch the tribute at the end of the show, Vanessa's father lost his battle to Cancer just hours before the big day. The tragedy certainly put a cloud over what was meant to be a joyous night. Like a true professional, V still brought her A-game and one need not look any further than Twitter and pretty much every review to see that Vanessa clearly stole the show. I forced my hubby to re-watch the whole thing the second it ended and I have a feeling it'll be on replay for quite a while. Congrats to everyone involved. 

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The thing that blows me away about this performance from last night's Grease Live is the acting. Vanessa is so in character, so focused internally on the emotion, that you can tell she's barely even thinking about the singing. I couldn't take my eyes off her eyes; the way she morphed from attitude to vulnerability was so brilliant. Absolutely flawless.