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This Christmas was one for the record books. After lots of yummy food, including a delicious bruschetta bar and cheesy-garlic pull apart bread - made by yours truly, and tons of wonderful gifts, our family battled it out over a slew of holiday-inspired games. It's always fun to return home for the holidays, but I think what made this year extra special, was the fact that it was the first year my fifteen-year-old brother's girlfriend and sister's boyfriend joined the mix. From competing in several hilarious rounds of Jingle in the Trunk to Candy Cane Pickup to Holiday Song Charades and more, I absolutely love this time of life.

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Calling all feminist! Over the weekend, the whole family piled in to see Jennifer Lawrence's latest movie, Joy - the true story behind the remarkable inventor of QVC's best-selling Miracle Mop. While I loved the movie, I couldn't help but wish it was just a little better. For me, the movie was all lead-up and not enough follow-through. After so many disappointments and struggles, I wanted to see Joy relish in her successes, feel what she was feeling, cry and smile with her, but by the time we finally got to see the hardworking mother of two reach the top, the movie was over - throwing away many of Joy's real-life triumphs and obstacles into quick voiceover. That being said, I absolutely love where Hollywood is right now in regards to dynamic female characters and while we still have a long way to go, I couldn't help but feel empowered from scene to scene. Every time a movie comes around showcasing a powerful woman chasing her dreams, you can pretty much guarantee that half the film will be dedicated to her male-co-star love interest. Early on in the movie a young Joy proclaims how she doesn't need a "prince" - and I couldn't agree more. Joy is an inspiring study of a true independent woman and how imagination and perseverance can lead to greatness. If you're looking for inspiration, be sure to check out Joy in theaters now. 

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Find the step by step directions for these glitter fade nails here!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. I love that Established Elegant Dress and the nails! I must try the nails! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I love the idea of doing Christmas games.. I'll have to remember this for next year :)

  2. so cute look ;-))


    new post

  3. Love the nails!

    xx Kathryn

  4. I couldn't agree with your more about the movie Joy - the entire time I felt like I was waiting for something incredible to happen. And it wasn't until the very end that the moment finally came. Plus, I wish Bradley Cooper had a more prominent role.

    Happy New Year!

    xo Kristy

  5. Aww man...bummed the movie doesn't focus enough on the happy bits, but it sounds like I should still go and see it! :)

    Those nails are PERFECT for NYE!!!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I need to see Joy!

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  8. This is great,I love it!All of them are beautiful.

  9. You and your husband are the cutest!

  10. Beautiful dress-up and these nail styles are awesome .

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