Latest Interview

As some of you may have noticed, I rarely talk about my private life on the blog or social media. I think a lot of ladies who work in the digital realm can relate to the struggle of keeping your work and personal life separate. This week, I'm pulling back the curtain a little for my girl, Emily Ley's, wonderful Q&A series, Simplicity, which offers a peek into the lives of busy gals who crave more joy and simplicity behind the scenes. Below is a snippet of the interview. 

What is one tradition or routine that’s really important to your family? And why?

We have two biggies: My husband is a screenwriter and writes through the night, usually until 4 or 5am. Still, no matter how tight of a deadline he has, he always makes sure to be by my side when I fall asleep. There’s few things lonelier than being in a big bed all alone, so every night, once I’m out cold, he goes into his office and writes. I never feel alone or like we’re not on the same schedule, which I’m so thankful for.

The second big one would have to be car rides. We travel a lot and if we can, we always choose driving over flying. With our house divided between the entertainment industry and the fashion industry, there’s never a shortage of distractions. Having the luxury of being together in a space where we can talk and laugh for a few hours every other week is always a good idea. No headphones, or sleeping, or reading – just good ol’ conversation.

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