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Last week on, I shared another edition of my Q&A series, Ladies Who Laptop. Our first spotlight for August, a self-proclaimed “bag lady,” has felt drawn to the world of fashion for as long as she can remember. Years before her globally adored brand became a staple in every fashion girl’s wardrobe, Clare Vivier was so determined to achieve her goals that she listed “Bag Designer” as the occupation on her marriage certificate application as a promise to herself of what the future would hold. These days, it’s nearly impossible to stroll through Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood without spotting one of Clare’s bags that blends classic French sensibilities and California cool. And to think… It all started with a simple laptop bag; a perfectly fitting beginning for our latest edition of Ladies Who Laptop. To learn more about the woman behind the bags, head over to now.

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I'm a huge fan of Nicole Kidman. This week's Must Watch is the Oscar winner's rapid-fire 73 questions installment of Vogue's always entertaining Q&A series. To be honest, I wasn't always the biggest Nicole Kidman fan. Long before she married Keith Urban, I remember always getting a somewhat stuffy vibe from her. When we first moved to LA, my husband worked a lot with a producer that Nicole's worked with numerous times.  He had dozens of Nicole and Tom stories, all of which completely shifted by opinion of her and turned me into a lifelong fan. She's the real deal. Kind. Hilarious. And much more true to the Nicole we see nowadays. To get a peek at her stunning house and farm, be sure to check out this week's Must Watch above. 

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I hope you all have an amazing Monday!