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Do you wanna know a little secret? I've probably only worn lipstick a dozen or so times in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, I'm a lip-gloss fanatic, but with the exception of my wedding day and few other special occasions, I never incorporate lipstick into my make-up routine. This past weekend I decided to step out of my natural lip comfort zone and try a little something new. In the above pic I'm wearing CoverGirl's "Enchantress Blush." 

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For as long as I've known my husband, he's been obsessed with anything that involved a treasure hunt. A fascination that dates back to his favorite childhood movie "The Goonies," and pretty much anything Spielberg related. The second we saw the first preview for Treasure Quest: Snake Island I knew there was noway I'd be getting out of it. What I didn't expect, was how much I would love it. The docu-series follows a group of explores as they journey to a dangerous island off the coast of Brazil that houses a fortune in Incan gold. The only thing that stands in between the team of treasure hunters and millions is an army of deadly snakes. You guys, this show is serious edge of your seat fun. They're two episodes deep, so there's plenty of time to catch up. 

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I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!