Sleeping Naked

Tonight's the night, y'all. Join me and a group of fabulous bloggers for a super fun Twitter party to celebrate Swisspers National Sleep Naked NightStudies have shown that most women do not remove their makeup daily, and those that do, don't do it well, resulting in a variety of skin and eye issues. Swisspers is calling on women to Sleep Naked each and every night and adopt a beauty routine for cleaner and healthier skin. While proper makeup application is important, how you take it off is just as crucial. Follow along on Twitter by using the #SleepNaked to chat all things beauty, make up removal tips and for a chance to win some uh-mazing prizes. And if you're not fully committed to sleeping naked, be sure to check out Nikki Phillippi's amazing age progression video showing the effects of not cleansing your face properly.

And just for fun... 

...because it still gives me nightmares (and makes me laugh) -- check out this terrifying photo Swisspers made of my face, demonstrating the damage not removing your make-up every night can cause.