The Perfect Fit - Kohl's

I think we've all fallen victim to annoying bra problems: it's too tight, the straps are too loose, the cup wrinkles or you're spilling over the top... Well, you're aren't alone in our dreaded bra problems... 80% of women wear the wrong bra size everyday. I recently found out about the Kohl's bra fitting tool that shows you in a step by step video how to effectively measure your band and cup size. Once you're done, you simply input your measurements into the fitting tool and voila, a selection of styles that best suits your true measurements will appear. I'm telling you, ladies, this tool works. Apparently I've been wearing the wrong size my whole life. After ordering a handful of bras and spending the past week taking them for a test drive, I'm here to share with you a few of my favorites.

My favorite of all was the Warner back smoothing wire-free bra. It fit like a normal bra, but was comfortable like a sports bra and really did have a super flattering smoothing effect. My second favorite was the Maidenform one fab fit demi bra, which provided beautiful lace detailing, as well as the perfect fit. To be completely honest, I loved all of the bras that I purchased. They will definitely be in my weekly rotation. Each bra was super affordable and high-quality. Kohl's is also hosting "If The Bra Fits" events all around the US this year. Click here to find an event near you and if you can't make it to an event be sure to check out the Kohl's fitting tool online here!