Monday Must

Must Organize: Sunglasses
I love this simple, affordable and practical way to organize your sunglasses. As someone whose collection of sunnies is always getting scratched and misplaced, this is a super easy and effective system. For more organization inspiration be sure to check out my spring cleaning post!

Must Cook: Summer Dip Ideas
I love entertaining guest during the summer and fresh homemade dips make for the perfect centerpieces. Above are two dips that recently caught my eye and just joined my recipe box. Impress your guests with this black bean hummus and veggies or this fresh mango salsa!

Must Subscribe: Fab Fit Fun VIP Box
If you haven't already, you have to try the FabFitFun VIP box. I recently got my spring box in the mail and loved everything inside! The box includes full sized products with a value of over $225 in beauty, fitness, fashion and goodies for only $49.99. Be sure to use the code SUMMER5 to save $5 off your summer box! You can learn more here.

Must Paint: Ombre Nail Colors
The ombre nail trend will continue to make its mark through summer 2014. While the bold combination might be too much for your job, it's always fun to think outside of the box during weekend trips. 

Must Taste: Blueberry Garnished Cocktails
 I'm always trying to slip fruit into my recipes anyway I can, and this summer, I plan on loading up my cocktails. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are some of my favorites, but any berry can be used to flavor or garnish your favorite cocktail. And trust me, you'll always feel a little less guilty when your indulgent drink is topped with fresh fruit. Here's two drinks I can't wait to create this summer... blueberry moscow mule and kiwi blueberry mojito

Must Inspire: Have Courage
Anyone that knows me knows that I suffer from extreme stress and anxiety about, well, just about everything. Building things up in your head to be a bigger deal than they truly are will only psych yourself out of doing the things you dream of. And while I know this, it's still a daily challenge. Thankfully, quotes like this continue to help me to find that courage.!

What are some of your favorite quotes?