Blueberry Weekend

Blueberries, besides being an uber healthy superfood, are one of my favorite berries -- primarily for baking reasons. So, in an effort to have fun and save a few bucks, my sister and I decided to drive out to the nearest blueberry patch over the weekend and get our farm on. After braving through several sketchy dirt roads that reeked of horror movie set-ups, we finally arrived at the breathtaking patch, where I was able to pick six pints of berries for a measly five dollars. Talk about a deal! So, with a months supply of berries in my kitchen, compiling a list of blueberry recipes to try out only felt appropriate! Below are the recipes topping my list.

I hope these delicious dishes inspire you to cook something new. If you're interested in picking your own fruit, Here is a website that can help you find the perfect place to pick fruits and vegetables near you!