from the bottom of my heart...

I feel like it's been an eternity since I last blogged. After spending two weeks in the ICU in my parents hometown hospital, my mom was transferred to UAB in Birmingham, four hours north. Over the last three weeks, Justin and I have basically been living in the ICU, watching as my mom made tiny improvements each day. Nine days ago, we got the fantastic news that they would be transferring my mom out of the ICU and into a regular room. This was such a blessing and a great confidence booster for my mom that everything was going to be okay and that her health was on the up and up. While my mom was on the floor I was able  to stay with her 24/7 and sleep on the recliner next to her bed to help take care of her throughout the night. As last week came to an end the good news continued to come in. My moms kidneys began to work on their own and she was becoming less and less dependent on her food tube. On Friday, after what seemed like one big nightmare, we received the best news of all... She was free to go home!! Because she still can't really walk and can barely eat, Justin and I are going to be staying at my parents house this week to help her through this transition, before returning back home. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers over the last five weeks. Your positive thoughts and messages have been such a blessing and I will forever be grateful.

I also want to send a huge thank you to every single person that works in the medical field. You are each a Godsend and your work truly matters.

And to the amazingly talented guys and girls that provide musical therapy to patients around the world. You are all proof that angels walk among us. Thank you for helping us keep the faith throughout this journey. Thank you to my fabulous Fash team for running the business and everything behind the scenes during this time. From New York to L.A., I can't thank you guys enough. 

I want to thank my amazing husband for standing by my side every single day and every hour that my mom was in the hospital. Thank you for being my rock and for the constant reminders to eat, sleep, and to keep believing. I love you more than life.

And most importantly, I want to thank my mom for proving that there is no obstacle too big for faith to conquer. You are the strongest person I know and I'm so glad to call you my hero.

Fash Boulevard will return Monday the 10th. xo

Update: Wednesday morning my mom took a turn for the worse and was admitted back into the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers.