Rack it up

As a devoted online shopping enthusiast, bouncing between my daily e-commerce sites is quite the feat. While some sites may fall into the "I'll swing by later" category, Rack It Up -- an online shoppers new B.F.F. -- is always a must. Price tracking is key to landing a killer deal and Rack It Up makes it easier than ever. Created by two fabulous NYC twenty-something's: Briana Pashcow and Alexandra Fishlinger (that's them above... super stylish, right?) Rack It Up is for all of the busy women out there who can't shop flash sales during their busy work week. By simply adding the Rack It Up button to your bookmark bar you can collect your favorite items from your beloved online stores. Fill up your virtual closet with a slew of dream worthy pieces and let Rack It Up do all the work! They'll notify you when your favorite items go on sale. One of my favorite features, which isn't something I've found elsewhere, is the community feature, which allows you to stalk your friends' closest, share their pieces, and comment. Trust me, you'll be obsessed with the Browse the Rack feature. Below are some of the items that I recently added to my virtual closet! 

Be sure to check out RackItUp here!