Your closet. Expanded.

Lets face it, we've all been tricked by "fitting room filters" more than we'd like to admit. LE TOTE removes the dreaded "I swear it looked better on me in the store" and turns your home into the fitting room, offering you more control than ever. And lets face it, ladies, we like control. :) The seriously addicting subscription fashion service sends members a tote filled with three pieces of apparel and two accessories, reflecting your own unique style, chosen by a LE TOTE stylist! When it's time for a new outfit, you simply return the tote and get a new selection immediately. Basically, you're free to mix and match pieces until you're ready to move on. I swear, it's really that easy. And LE TOTE couldn't be more budget-friendly, which makes it the perfect last minute gift. Your friends will thank you every time a new box arrives at their doorstep, truly making it the gift that keeps on giving. Above I'm wearing the electric blue dress and necklace that came in my boutique box along with several other fabulous goodies. Be sure to check out more about LA TOTE here

Having trouble finding that one last gift or just don't have time to hit the packed department stores? Gift subscriptions start at a super affordable $16 a month! Ideal for the truly last-minute shoppers, since you can score a perfect gift in just a few clicks even on Christmas Day! LE TOTE has even offered to give Fash readers 20% off your choice of Boutique Box or Jewelry Box by using the code LTLOVESFASHBLVD. Sign up here