Fash Talk: Meet 39nineteen

Hey, loves. As promised, Fash Talk is back and today is all about 39nineteen, a blog that offers fashion and lifestyle trends for the young and young at heart. I recently sat down with the fabulous ladies behind the site, Chris and Melanie for a little chat about their fashion, closet raiding, and design inspiration. 

How would you describe 39nineteen to a new reader?

To a new reader we would say that 39nineteen is a mother/daughter collaboration that chronicles fashion and lifestyle trends on two generations of busy women-Melanie as a student, stylist and blogger and Chris as a mother, entrepreneur and blogger.  We are not, however, mother/daughter in the biological sense of the word, but in the emotional sense. We also, of course, live under one roof like mother and daughter.

Talk me through a day in the life of Chris and Melanie?

Practicing our selfies and twerking.  Just kidding.  Chris juggles the 3 little kids and her two other businesses and Melanie is a stylist, student and designer in the works.  No day is ever the same.

 Melanie, I know you love borrowing Chris's clothes... What's your ultimate fave?

I don’t like to play favorites, but lately I have taken over her Givenchy Pandora bag. Chris steals my Brandy Melville tanks and t-shirts and just now walked out of my room with my new Topshop mohair coat


 As fellow shoe fanatics, what's at the top of your shoe wish list?

Melanie: The fall 2013 thigh-high Chanel boot with chains.

Chris: The Balenciaga cutout…Wait, I just bought them though does that still count as wish list?  They were on my wish list since 2011.

 I'm sure being a blogging duo has provided some interesting/hilarious moments. What tops the list?

 Melanie: Over a year ago we went to a big, fancy fashion event in San Francisco.  Although we got ready separately, we came out of our rooms dressed almost exactly the same- stretch leather leggings, black boots and we even both had on fingerless gloves. Chris was second guessing her choice of outfit, thinking that at 39 she maybe should dress more “her age”, but decided against it.  At the party she dropped an earring and when she bent down to pick it up her pants ripped right up the bum.  She tied my jacket around her waist and went on with the party. Later, she had a little meltdown and thought maybe it was a sign she should not be wearing such tight pants, but ultimately she decided she just needed new tight pants!

Chris: Last week Melanie was wearing a pair of shorts I thought were too short, but she reminded me that they were shorts I had picked out and brought home for her. We also think our pruning post is pretty funny.

What characteristics make your style choices different?

 We both have a uniform approach to dressing.  We are often wearing monochrome basics, and we add touches of new trends with coats, shoes and accessories. But, Melanie is a little more grunge and goth and Chris is a little more business and comfort.

Who and what inspires each of you?

Chris: I am inspired by women who shatter glass ceilings-everyone from politicians like Wendy Davis, business women such as Marissa Mayer and of course designers like Coco Chanel.

Melanie: I am inspired by creative, successful dress designer, Georgina Chapman, and by Rick Owens’ designs and business model.  Currently, my fashion sketches are inspired by vintage burlesque dancers. 

I love the photo shoots on your blog, who shoots your pictures?

 Cavan Clark.  He is awesome.

 What two pieces should every girl have in her closet?

 Every woman needs a versatile black boot that can go from day to night and the nu bra stick on cutlets.

 What was the last fashion argument the two of you got into? And who won?

 We can’t think of a time we actually fought.  We sometimes debate. But we both really respect each other’s views. Once, Chris wrote a rant about the Riccardo Tisci PERVERT t-shirts. We agreed to disagree and she took it off 39nineteen and put it up on her A Band of Women site. 

 What's your favorite post on your blog thus far?

 The velvet looks are one of our favorites.  The velvet top on Melanie and the maroon jacket on Chris were both vintage finds, which we love.

What are your fall go-to fashion items? The pieces you won't be able to live without during the upcoming months.

Our vintage leather motorcycle jacket, wax coated skinny jeans, our Fur Elise fox fur stole that we got at 75% off because Australian brands have sales on winter clothes during our winter months, our Theory cozy grey zip sweater and our Addidas black high tops.

 If you could raid one celebrity's closest, whose would it be?

 Anna Dello Russo!!!!!!!!!

 Is there anything exciting coming down the pipeline?

 We are ambassadors for a jewelry company called Lulu designs.  They made us gold number 19 and 39 earrings.  We think numbers are the new letters when it comes to personalization.  For example, Chris’ 39 earrings can also be worn as 93, which is Melanie’s birth year. We will also be featured in C Magazine online this month.

Major thanks to Melanie and Chris for taking time to chat with me. Be sure to check out their amazing outfit combinations on their blog 39nineteen here! Also, don't forget to revisit my  Fash Talk with Perez Hilton here and the fabulous stylist from Pretty Little Liars here