Shopping That's Worth It

As per usual, when the temperature drops, so does the balance of my bank account, making it ultra important to find the items on my ever growing wish list at the best price. Cue my new obsession and most recent internet discovery... a new site called Worth It, which has the power to completely alter your holiday wish list. Get ready to save, ladies. This one is a gift game-changer. Worth It is a super easy time and money saving tool that helps shoppers score the prices they want on the items they love. I already feel extra savvy and responsible with the prospect of saving money in the coming months and I've only been using it for approximately 48 hours. :) All you have to do is use the Worth It bookmark and select the price you're willing to pay for the desired item. By doing this, an alert is automatically set up that will let you know exactly when the item is available at a cost that works for you. Try it the next time you're shopping online - I promise, it will be Worth It! Below are some items that I've recently added that I plan on nabbing as soon as I get an alert that the items are on sale. Which piece is your favorite? 

Be sure to check out Worth It here!