12 Favorite Wedding Moments

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was sharing my engagement with all of you. It's hard to believe that it was one year ago today that I said "I do" to my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. It truly does feel like yesterday.  As Justin and I celebrate our anniversary ocean-side, we've each been rehashing wedding memories. Below are twelve of my favorite moments from our special day... twelve months ago.  

1st Favorite Moment... Justin's super sweet and creative twist on the wedding day card. Since he's a screenwriter he wrote a script titled "The Moment When" detailing the emotions that were going to be running through his mind while I was walking down the aisle. The second page simply read, "To be continued...", followed by a couple dozen blank pages.

2nd Favorite Moment... When I stepped into my wedding dress. Even though I had tried it on multiple times during fittings, having my girlfriends, sister, and mom all by my side made the moment all the more special. 

3rd Favorite Moment... Being silly with the girls during pictures. I'm pretty sure I'm laughing in 90% of my wedding photos. 

4th Favorite Moment... The moment I spotted Justin at the end of the aisle.

5th Favorite Moment... Having my father walk me down the aisle. We both cried the whole way and this picture is one of my favorites.  

6th Favorite Moment... The bridal parties hilarious impromptu intros to the reception. The pictures don't do them justice. 

7th Favorite Moment... My sisters hilarious and heartfelt toast. 

8th Favorite Moment... My little brother tripping over my wedding dress. We recouped like champs. 

9th Favorite Moment... Justin surprised his mom with a dance to Jason Castro's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in memory of his grandmother. Everyone was in tears. 

10th Favorite Moment... Seeing the wedding cake that Justin and I designed for the first time. 

11th Favorite Moment... Realizing that the sparklers I ordered online for the mock exit were two feet too long... Justin and I couldn't stop laughing on the steps before walking down. On the bright side... they eventually burned down to the appropriate length. :)

12th Favorite Moment... Dancing the night away. We re-entered to Bruno Mars' Runaway Baby, which was the perfect song to get the guests out of their seats. 

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