Metal Mix

Dress - Free People, Jacket - H&M, Heels - Forever21, Rings - Posh Locket, Cuff - Pop of Chic, Necklace - Charles and Grace

I love adding an edgy punch to an otherwise girly ensemble and this leather jacket and breezy slip dress is the perfect mixture of hard and soft, which has always been a personal favorite pairing of mine when it comes to transitioning into spring. With change in the air, I've been trying to consciously switch between silver and gold jewelry much more often to insure a balance. While it may be a challenge to give my overcrowded collection of gold pieces a little breather, there's no denying the power a silver piece possesses when placed against a dark backdrop. 

Styling tip: When it comes to styling your jewelry remember that silver shines best when popping off dark colors and highlights bright hues perfectly, whereas gold pieces compliment earthy colored ensembles and looks best with brown! 

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