Big Bear Adventures

Oh my goodness, how have I never been to Big Bear until yesterday? With my sister in town for her spring break, we decided to go on a day trip into the snow covered mountains of Big Bear for some impromptu fun. First up, a fabulous tour of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. (Side bar: This is the second zoo we've visited in the last 4 days... So at this point, we're basically Zoologists.) My favorite animal was this little cutie, who I bonded with instantly. After our animal adventure we veered off the beaten path for some mountain climbing which eventually led to a full blown snowball war. We always seem to go on the best adventures when we're together. I'm so happy that my sister chose to skip a beach bound spring break and spend it with me in Cali. :)

Anyone else feel like I'm channeling a flying squirrel in the right photo? lol