Snapshots from New Years Eve

For New Years Eve, Justin and I invited a few of our friends to our condo in Panama City. You've probably started to notice that we are huge fans of candid pictures (Example AB). If we're going to document a night it's always more fun if it's action pictures that are capturing the moment. This makes going back through the photos at the end of the night even more of a blast, especially when alcohol is involved. New Years Eve this year was definitely the greatest ever. By the end of the night, we'd danced on stage, made friends with an awesome cover band, and escaped two near death experiences! The first occurred when my bestie Megan (sober no less) decided to step into a random shopping cart in stilettos. Thankfully she crashed forward, (onto her knees) instead of backwards and out of the cart... What became a hilarious moment could have gone bad really quick. The second incident occurred at the end of the night, when we returned to our condo around 4am to discover we had lost the key. With no other option, Justin, in all his Spider-Man glory, climbed up three floors by pulling himself from balcony to balcony, in loafers no less. Thankfully he was able to get in through our sliding glass door. Talk about terrifying.  (Andrew Garfield would be proud, babe) Needless to say, the night was a total blast and the perfect way to bring in 2013. Here's a few pics below... 

Skirt - Frock Candy, Blouse - Frock Candy, Necklace - Frock Candy, Heels - ShoeMint
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