Monday Must

Must Share

Oh my goodness, this weekend marked a giant milestone. I crossed 100,000 followers on Pose! Eek. Thank you so much to everyone who's following! 

Must Try - Haircut

It's official... short is in! Some of Hollywood's most fabulous ladies are rocking the short wavy must-have look and I'm totally addicted. This weekend I chopped off three inches of my hair, but couldn't bring myself to go any shorter, despite my major crush on this effortless look. What do you guys think of the new "it" hairstyle? 

Must Buy - Hunter Boots
Unfortunately, it was a rainy weekend in LA, which had me on a mad hunt for hot pink hunter boots. Ok, so it maaaay rain more in the Sahara Desert than LA, but that doesn't mean I should deprive myself of killer footwear just because of my geographical status, right? I'm currently loving this pair and this pair! Which do you guys think I should get? 

Must Watch - Chasing The Saturdays

Over the weekend I had some time to catch up on the shows that have been filling my DVR. After watching the first episode of E!'s Chasing The Saturdays, I was completely hooked. I adore their British accents, impeccable style, and super sweet friendships. It's so refreshing to see a group of girls chasing their dreams without any drama or cattiness. I highly recommend it! Trust me, you will be obsessed! 

r Must Bake - Valentine's Day Treats

With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, I've been pinning like crazy to find some super cute ideas that I can try! Thanks to Pinterest there is no shortage of fabulous ideas.  This year, skip the heart shaped box of chocolates and create some delicious homemade treats, like these pink chocolate chip cookies or homemade strawberry ice cream sandwiches! 

Must Ask - Weekend Looks

Two of my favorite blondes looked beyond stunning this weekend. I can't decide which look I'm crushing on more... Taylor's sleek and chic mini or Amanda's pop of color. Which look is your favorite? 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!