Hopes + Prayers

Boots- Pink and Pepper, Boot Socks - Target, Dress - H&M, Jacket - J. Crew, Scarf - Macy's   

This past weekend has been filled with many tears and sleepless nights. As most of you know my 7 year old "puppy" Maddox is like a child to me. After having a long seizures on Saturday morning and producing blood in his urine, we rushed Maddox to the hospital where we learned that he has a rare disease called Evans Syndrome. This isn't my first experience spending nights in the emergency care center with my little one, you may remember last year when Maddox was attacked by three pit bulls. He miraculously survived the horrifying incident, which left him with over 100 stitches. I'll never forget him coming out of surgery with his tail wagging high, as if to let us all know he'd come out stronger than ever. Sadly, that wasn't the case this time... at least not yet. Thankfully I was able to bring him home tonight, but according to the vet we have a "long road" ahead of us. We have to take him back to the doctors everyday for the next couple of weeks for blood samples. I can't seem to take my eyes off of him for even a second. I'm praying that my little fighter will pull through this and have his tail wagging high again soon. Thank you so much to everyone that reached out on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend. It means so much. Please keep my little guy in your prayers.  


On a positive note, these fabulous Pink and Pepper riding boots, which I threw on while running out of the house, were my saving grace at the emergency center. My ensemble however was far from glamorous (the look above was shot last week.) The last time we had to rush to the animal hospital I was in a bathing suit, so at least this time around I was clothed. :)

I hope you all had a great weekend! xo