Camo Crush

ATTENTION! As someone who grew up in the south, I can honestly say I never imagined the day I’d see camouflage pieces strutting down the runway. Having migrated west fresh out of college, the idea of incorporating this southern staple into my wardrobe wasn't exactly something I was jumping with excitement to try. But, as someone who loves a good style challenge, finding a way to highlight the trend while staying true to my style was actually pretty fun. While it might be a good idea to leave the fatigues to the real American heroes, this military print, ironically enough known for its ability to blend in, is sure to make you stand out this fall. If you're fully ready to enlist in this season's camo craze, be sure to balance out the masculinity associated with the print by pairing your camouflage with super feminine pieces.


What's your opinion on the Camo Craze? 

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