Little Black Bag

Outfit: Jacket- H&M (Similar), Blouse- H&M, Skirt- Kohl's, Heels- Target, Bag- Olivia + Joy from Little Black Bag, Earrings- Pop of Chic

For the past month I have been on a desperate search for the perfect bag to take with me to NY Fashion Week. I tend to gravitate towards larger handbags, but with my trip just around the corner, I knew I'd need something smaller. As luck would have it, I was introduced to Little Black Bag, the totally addicting e-commerce site that's based around social shopping. According to your style profile, LBB will match you with a slew of amazing pieces. After you pick your favorite item from the fabulous selection, the LBB stylist will add two mystery items to your bag that you won't see until after you check out. This is where the fun begins... If you're not happy with one of your pieces or have your eye set on something more fabulous you can trade items with other LBB members. I traded two of my three pieces to get my hands on this edgy Olivia + Joy handbag. I love the gold strap and knew it would go perfect with my pre-planned New York wardrobe. Don't you just love when things fall together so flawlessly? If you haven't signed up for Little Black Bag, be sure to get in on the fash fun by signing up here, and new customers can use the coupon code 25FREEITEMfashb to add a free $25 item to your bag. 

Prism ring from my Posh Locket curated collection, check it out here!

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