Something New...

Desperate to read anything but this, I've decided it's time to track down some new reading material. When it comes to books, I've never been a fiction kinda girl. I have never read any of the Harry Potters, Twilights, or 50 Shades of Grey, but I promise I do enjoy diving into a good book every few weeks, especially when I'm at the beach. Maybe it's because Justin writes screenplays that I've always turned to movies to get that fiction fix, but for me I've always been addicted to uplifting biographies. I'm obsessed with reading people's stories, whether it be their whole life or just a special moment that changed them forever. Their successes, failures, heartbreak, and triumphs inspire me to no end. But in the spirit of change and growth, I've begun the search for some new reading material and I think it's time to escape into the world of fiction. Do you guys have any suggestions? What was the last great book you read? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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