A Girl's Guide To Spring Hair

Alright girls, it's time to talk hair! First and foremost, reach back and pull down that messy clump of hair you've strategically (and sometimes cleverly) pulled back with whatever office supplies that were in arms reach. It's time to allow those lovely locks to become your fun and colorful springtime ensembles standout element. The year's most delicate season always has me rocking messy side braids as a stylish solution to contain my long locks, while ballerina buns and side ponytails are my go-to for warmer days. When it comes to creating your outfits, consider your hair a crucial element and style accordingly. For example, when you're rocking a major blazer with fierce structured shoulders keep it fun and girly up top by adding a twist to your Cali curl look. These styles will give you a fashionable do while still allowing your outfits star features to shine. For those super casual days where lounging is at the top of your to-do list, spice up your basic tank with a messy side braid or a side pony. I urge you all to think outside the box and get creative with your hair this season. Your budget may not allow for extra spring pieces, but luckily for us... hair styles are FREE. So get to styling. Below are some of my recent spring appropriate hair styles. Which style are you crushing on the most?

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