Kate Spade Chic

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from Fash readers is advice on appropriate interview attire. How much is enough? Should I go bright and bold or soft and natural? Searching for the perfect ensemble to land your dream job is no joking matter. Since solid pieces tend to be forgettable and certain patterns may be a bit risky, I always recommend dazzling your future employers in stripes. While interning at BCBG, I was forced to become an expert at go-to business chic ensembles and stripes quickly became my savior. Men have been rocking pinstripes in the business world for years... it's high time the ladies add a little fash twist to their working wardrobe with this creative classic. While I wouldn't recommend wearing this to an interview (a great pair of black or white dress pants is always best) this bold Kate Spade skirt (which you can find here) offers the perfect example of how to rock a statement stripe. To keep it bright, I paired my stripes with a blue Guess blouse, my favorite vintage clutch courtesy of garage sale shopping, and a pair of sky high Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, which probably wouldn't be ideal for jobs outside of the fashion industry. A great flat like this would also leave a lasting impression, while not being too high maintenance. When it comes to accessories, keep it light. As a girl who loves to talk with her hands, I always leave the bangles and bracelets at home. The last thing you want to do is distract them with "clinging" noises. A few statement rings like my favorite gold cocktail rings from Posh Locket and Pop of Chic will remind them that you have style without taking the focus away from the dialog! So ladies, the next time you're brainstorming for the perfect interview/meeting attire, remember to go for stripes. 

Be sure to do research about your future employer to see what type of ensemble reflects their company best. Since not all industries are as bold as the fashion industry, here's a few other ways to get creative with your stripes. 

It's no secret that I'm beyond obsessed with OPI. Above I paired one of my new favorite combos with my interview attire, the gorgeous plum purple (Dutchya Just Love OPI?) with the perfect gold sparkles (Gold for Me). Check out these OPI colors and more here

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