Fash Fave / Fail Friday

Fash Fave - Rachel Zoe

Super Stylist Rachel Zoe stepped out for her weekly Rodeo shopping spree with her baby and bestie in tow. I think it's pretty safe to assume if cameras capture Rachel between the days of Monday and Thursday, she'll most likely be my Fash Fave. I'm obsessed... I can't help it. Flared denim and loose fitting tops are Zoe essentials. Add a luxurious fur coat, a beret and a classic luxe tote by The Row and this look has Rachel's signature all over it. Not to mention, I'm totally obsessed with the leather cuffs. I recently got a set of my own from Bolbach, and I can't wait to show you how I styled them! The edgy accessory is definitely a new must. What do you think of RZ's fabulous fur trench?

Fash Fail - Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Holy pint sized personality. Is it just me or does Snooki look like she just got hit by Bret Michael's tour bus? What exactly was she going for here? Hipster at the zoo? Or a biker celebrating Valentine's Day? Either way the MTV reality star is showcasing exactly why proportions are so crucial to an ensemble. I'm the queen of oversized jewelry but when your earrings are big enough to play frisbee, you've gone too far. I'll be honest, I love Nicole and insane outfits like this make me love her even more, but when it comes to stepping into the heels of a fashion critic, likability takes a backseat. Normally I would suggest ways to fix this fail but other than the leather jacket I don't see any pieces worth saving. Snooki, do yourself a favor and hire a stylist.  This zebra catastrophe is a definite Fash Fail. Thoughts? 

The super sweet ladies over at Those4Words wrote an amazing blog post about my engagement story. I'm always honored to be featured by other bloggers. I'm so excited to be apart of their site and I urge you all to check it out! You can read the fabulous write up about our engagement here. Xo