Sunday Serenade

As most of you know Justin and I are in the process of moving, which has thankfully been trauma free. That is until around 2:30 yesterday afternoon when a simple phone call to the cable guy took an extremely awkward turn into creep-ville. My intentions were simple, I obviously can't let a week pass without The Bachelor or Pretty Little Liars so delaying the hook up wasn't an option. I like to think I've become somewhat of a pro when it comes to dealing with operators, especially after spending hours on the phone with Delta every month booking flights, but trust me this was no ordinary operator. Two minutes into the call the gentleman informed me that he was a self proclaimed comedian and that I was really going to enjoy this phone conversation. He assured me that his track record with "the ladies" was impeccable. In hindsight I should have hung up right then and there. But no, instead I proceeded to listen to his inner crazy come out. After proclaiming that my middle initial should be "G" for gorgeous and a few other cheesy pick up lines, he began singing. Yes, singing. His song of choice... "This Christmas." And to make matters creepier he inserted my name randomly into the lyrics and I quote, "I'm gonna get to know Anna better, this Christmas." I literally couldn't stop laughing. After he finished the entire song he proudly revealed he could also do Bruno Mars. Before I could say anything he jumped seasons and genres and started singing "Just The Way You Are." Thank goodness my Fiance was near so I could put the phone on speaker. If we weren't crying from trying to hold in our laughter, I'm sure he would have intervened. Needless to say, Justin is now the chief cable coordinator from this point on. After the impromptu serenade that will officially go down as the most uncomfortable moment of my life, I turned to accessories for a little therapy. While unpacking my jewelry, which is a two day job, I decided it was time to start adding some new pieces to my collection. Below are some gush worthy pieces that I'm currently crushing on! Click the picture to shop the look. Which gold piece is your favorite?


I'm so excited to share with you guys that my Valentine's Day inspired ensemble was picked by Lauren Conrad herself as Chic of the Week on her website. In case you missed me sharing it on my Facebook fan page over the weekend you can check out the feature here.

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