Go-To Fash - The Olsens

I think it's safe to assume that the Olsen twins were conjoined by a Birkin at birth. The stylish twins rarely look less than fabulous. From sunnies, to scarves, to Starbucks and beyond these two fash mavens have done their homework and stocked their closets with some of the worlds most fabulous handbags. As someone who tends to shop for my purses in the luggage department, I seriously appreciate MK & A's taste in oversized arm candy. You know they could totally make a grocery bag the new "it" bag. Below are more pictures of the Olsen's carrying their favorite go-to fashion item all over the city. Which oversized handbag are you crushing on?


Loving the Olsen twins oversized handbags? Check out these amazing Olsen worthy designs that are a must-have for your Spring wardrobe. Click the picture to shop the bag. 

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