Blush Love

My fiance and I recently spent a relaxing weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida and we were pleasantly surprised to discover just how warm the temperatures were. Neither of us are new to Florida weather conditions but on this particular day you'd of thought it was the 4th of July. The shoreline was packed, the sun was beaming, and we were in faux summer heaven. While walking back from a delicious lunch we spotted this stunning bridge and quickly whipped out the camera for an impromptu photo session. Over the Holiday's I acquired several amazing pieces to add to my fash collection and this classically chic ShoeDazzle purse is one of my favorites. Sticking with complimentary hues and trying to balance the warm winter mix, I threw on a comfy Forever 21 top and a breezy tiered skirt for our shoreline stroll. No outfit is complete without accessories and my growing collection of GlamRok beaded bracelets is always sure to turn an arm full of bracelets into a stylish eclectic mix. With the rapidly changing temperatures these days the summer lover in me always tries to keep a few warm weather ensembles at my fingertips, so you can imagine how excited I was to have a skirt moment in the dead of winter. Thank you sunshine. You never let me down. xo  

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