Fash Fave / Fail Friday

Fash Fave - Giuliana Rancic

The fabulous Giuliana Rancic stepped out looking more fashionable then ever this week for an appearance on The Today Show. It was during this taping that the E! host announced that she will be undergoing a double mastectomy as part of her ongoing battle against breast cancer. I have to admit, I started crying the day that I heard she had breast cancer. Giuliana's brave choice to continue to share her experiences and educate people is nothing short of amazing. G recently shared her struggles with People Magazine, "You go from one minute being in the best spirits to an hour later you're crying on your living room floor." Giuliana also shared, "Bill looked at me and said, 'I want you to know that I could not care less about the physical aspect of this, I need you here to be my wife, and I need you here to be the mother of my children one day." I seriously admire these two more than you can imagine. I spent my summer laying by the pool reading their book, "I Do, Now What." Being newly engaged, I couldn't put the book down. Just days after G's surgery announcement she was back to work for E!, I don't know how she does it. She resides in two cities, works multiple jobs and just launched her own website, Fabfitfun, which everyone needs to check out asap. Needless to say she looks fabulous everywhere she goes and this vibrant teal belted dress is no exception. For all of the reason above and a million more, I simply had to pick Giuliana as my fash fave this week. Thanks for being such an inspiration G. Stay strong. The whole world adores you! Also don't forget to check out my Fash For Less, featuring another one of G's amazing outfits. 

Fash Fail - Paris Hilton

Paris, Paris, Paris... I spent countless hours defending my life long love for "The Simple Life" and even vouched for you while you had those minor incarceration slip ups, but when it comes to outfits like these, I really have to draw the line. This blue on blue number may be a Fash Fave for cell block B, but in the real world, these types of looks work best in the confines of ones own home. This printed velour nightmare is certainly not capturing America's hearts and that hat... which I can only imagine she stole from the 1990's exhibit at the wonderful world of Briney Spears museum, is seriously awful. I just don't understand what goes through her fashion challenged head. It should come as no surprise that P here was my very first Fash Fail. If you haven't seen it, you have to click here to see the worlds most awkward handbag moment. Maybe it's her shoes or the length of her pants... all I know is that this is definitely a Fash Fail. Paris please tap into your trust fund and call me. I'll totally make a house call and we can start by taking baby steps... like setting fire to your preexisting wardrobe.

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