Cozy Christmas

Before vanishing from the hills of Hollywood to bring in the new year with my family in Alabama, I spent the day in Beverly Hills perfectly snuggled in my favorite Michael Kors cardigan cape. No stroll through Cali's most famous zip code is complete without a Starbucks drink in hand and that day, like most in December, I was sipping on an insanely yummy Chai Tea Latte. There's something sorta strange about writing this while being in a drastically different setting. One, because I can't seem to remember why I left this winter essential on the West Coast, and two, while the setting may be extremely peaceful and almost serene, I can assure you my current surroundings are anything but. This week has been crammed with fabulously fun and outrageously hilarious moments with my younger siblings. The one that's currently driving my parents crazy, is me and my sisters' Russian alter egos which I like to think were immensely entertaining during Christmas dinner. You may remember me telling you about our Jamaican bed jumping antics here, so you can understand that our Kardashian style shenanigans are nothing new to the rents.  Being home always brings out the little kid in me and I'm not ashamed to admit that I participated in a full on dance battle with my little brother in the living room for close to an hour. Aren't the holiday's just the best? I hope everyone had a truly wonderful weekend. I can't believe the new year is just around the corner. xo

The lovely Dani from The Daily Dani was kind enough to interview me for her blog. Be sure to check out the feature here and let us know what you think. xo 

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