Fash For Less - Giuliana Rancic

Is there a soul on the planet that isn't totally and completely smitten with the infectious Giuliana Rancic? Not only is she unbelievably smart and kind, but her style is never less than perfection. For me, it's much more than fashion that makes Giuliana fabulous. When it comes to icons G undoubtedly makes my list. Her career path, down to earth personality, and pure kindness makes her a standout role model in a sea of far less genuine Hollywood starlets. Interviewing her would be a dream, working with her would be life changing, and matching even half of her impressive self-made success would be more than a girl could ever ask for. I urge you all to visit Fabfitfun.com to get your daily Giuliana fix. The site is Giuliana's latest venture and is utterly addicting and filled with amazing tips, inspiration, and all around girly goodness. You can "like" their fan page here to receive advice and news on all things fabulous. And speaking of fabulous, I'm totally obsessed with her look above. Giuliana is the ultimate city girl, holding down the major fashion trends of both LA and Chicago and the edgy elements that she incorporated into this black and blue number reflect her city to city style perfectly. If you're crushing on Giuliana's fabulous ensemble like I am, check out these affordable options all available online. Click the picture to shop the look.

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